IF – Clumsy

This week’s Illustration Friday entry for theme “Clumsy”. Just thought of someone carrying something breakable and laces came naturally…

Inked and then coloured in Photoshop.


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7 Responses to “IF – Clumsy”

  1. kelbrett Says:

    You can almost hear the crash!

  2. khwhitaker Says:

    yep, an accident waiting to happen. Love the background too.

  3. Nina Mata Says:

    oh no! he’s gonna get fired…love it

  4. shirley Says:

    Oh goodness, I can only imagine the crash that happens next. Great piece! Thank you for your visit..super nice of you to stop by..and hope your wife is dong well with the pregnancy! I remember the emotions!!

  5. sketched out Says:

    I’m hoping that despite the accident waiting to happen that his grace wins over his clumsiness and he makes it… yah, I know… not gonna happen. Hee hee! Great take on the theme!

  6. kevbrett Says:

    Thanks for all your comments. Really appreciate it!

  7. Rina Alcantara Says:

    Haha! This happened to me! Although I wasn’t holding breakables. 🙂

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