Sketchbook Pics

Been a busy week of sketching and painting.  Thought I’d throw up some of the sketches I’ve been doing.  A couple of pics are actually copies of pics by other artists and will highlight these. (apologies for the poor scans)

Above pic was just a doodle I started.  No idea who it is but seemed to work as a caricature piece.

This pic is a copy of Daniel from the Bible as drawn by Dennis Jones from his “See With Me Bible” – awesome illustrations in it take a look if you can!!

Again, top left image is an angel from the book of Daniel as drawn by Dennis Jones.  My character on the right didn’t quite live up to his standards – eyes weren’t quite right…

Top image is an image by Skottie Young – didn’t quite get it right, but looks ok.  My character below was one I was pleased with.

Don’t forget as well to have a look at Frank Rain by Eric Merced – Week Two

So there you have it.  More pics will be posted soon, remember all comments and critiques welcome!!


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3 Responses to “Sketchbook Pics”

  1. Justin Segal Says:

    Sketchbook dumps are great, thanks for sharing. Amazing how many different ways you can attack the same thing (a human face). More! More!

  2. Eric Merced Says:

    I agree with Justine. More more more!
    Also, Dennis Jones is an awesome illustrator with such a unique style. Good pick!

  3. kevbrett Says:

    Thanks very much guys. I’ll keep practicing and get more up soon.

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