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Illustration Friday – Rescue

March 30, 2010

Is it just me or is this something most of us have done??

My take on the Illustration Friday theme “Rescue”

Hope you like it – feedback?

Pencil sketch coloured in Photoshop


Still Hangin Wit Ma Gnomies

March 28, 2010

My second acrylic painting in the Gnomies series (maybe more we’ll see).

Wife prefers the first one, but thought I’d let you make up your own minds:

Illustration Friday – Expired

March 25, 2010

My Illustration Friday pic entitled: “Expired”

Had a few ideas for this theme, but felt this one came out the best and probably took the least time:

“Governor Tarkin.  I recognised your foul stench when I was brought on board.” Princess Leia – Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope). Shame he had to “expire” at the end of the film.  Such an amazing actor and performance.  Peter Cushing you will be missed.

Quick pencil sketch.  A bit of fun!

Monday Artday – Lil Monkey

March 25, 2010

Here’s my entry for Monday Artday, themed “Monkey”.

This is my 2yo – “Lil Monkey”!

I’ve uploaded the process as well, hope it’s of interest.  Still toying with whether to do full colour for the back ground.  Any thoughts?

Stage 01 – Pencil Sketch

Stage 02 – Figure outline and flats done in Photoshop

Stage 03 – Shading

Final Finished piece – with added texture/colour on BG:

Hope you enjoy.  For more on Monday Artday click here.

Jamie Cosley Prize Giveaway Win!

March 24, 2010

Received my prize giveaway win from Jamie Cosley and Crashland Studios!

(sorry for the low res)

Visit Jamie’s Blog here.

Also go check out his webcomic here.

My Take on Nick Jakson’s Batman!

March 20, 2010

Nick Jackson – Awesome illustrator.  Found a painting he did of Batman and was just so blown away by it I had to copy it!

All done in pencil – now go check out the REAL thing here!!!!

Frank – Process

March 17, 2010

Here’s a piccie that started out as a simple sketch and turned into a Photoshop full on painting session.  Hope you enjoy seeing the process.

1. The sketch

2. Painting 01

3. Final Piccie

There you have it – Frank!

If you really like it that much you can even buy a print from my Deviant Art Page.

Illustration Friday – Brave (late)

March 12, 2010

My LATE entry to last week’s Illustration Friday – theme: Brave

Done with pencil and ink.  A WWI scene from the trenches.

Also did this quick sketch with pencil:

And finally an unfinished pencil/coloured pencil sketch:

Feels like such a long time since my last post that I had to make up for it.  Hope you like!

Hangin’ Wit Ma Gnomies!

March 1, 2010

Acrylic painting – Hangin’ Wit Ma Gnomies

Took me longer than it should’ve done, but was distracted by the Canada v USA olympic Ice hockey – awesome game…

Hope you like the pic too…

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