#IF – Ahead

This week’s Illustration Friday pic, titled “Ahead”.

Kinda took it slightly differently – A Head and decided on everyone’s favourite bounty hunter (not Dog!!!): Boba Fett from Star Wars

Not sure I like the background but the figure came out pretty cool…


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9 Responses to “#IF – Ahead”

  1. Emily Says:

    I really love the concept – such a fantastic idea.

  2. justin segal Says:

    that is one classic … head!

  3. Christopher Davis Says:

    Good head choice.

  4. vanking Says:

    Very nice! It’s my favourite bounty hunter! Good job man!


    your drawings are very funny, is so!
    You can enter my blog.
    see you soon!

  6. kevbrett Says:

    thanks all. your comments are much appreciated as always! Boba Fett is always a personal favourite!

  7. Krista Hamrick Says:

    Wow– you have so many great styles! This one is great, and I really love “linked”!

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