New 1 a day Star Wars Caricatures #Win

I’m starting a new 1 a day illustration for this week. Star Wars head caricatures.

It was suggested I have a crack at Star Wars by Mr Drew Pocza a while back and it sparked something, but it wasn’t until I saw Eric Merced’s Chibi Star Wars pics that I was inspired and ready to go, so thanks guys!

I decided to draw each on lightweight card 3″x4″. Drawn with graphite pencil and coloured pencils. Inked with Unipin.

I’ve also decided to give them away each day. “How do I get my mitts on these bad boys?” I hear you asking. All you need to do is comment below and I’ll randomly select the winner at the end of the day (23:00 GMT). You can only win 1 piece during the week.

Day 1 – Biker Scout

Hope you like and good luck



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5 Responses to “New 1 a day Star Wars Caricatures #Win”

  1. phyllis ellett Says:

    Star wars is brilliant, love the design, good artwork:)

  2. Dee Jeffery Says:

    Fab drawing. Star Wars – Best film ever!

  3. Kevin Lloyd Says:

    Nice work! Loved the one with the green background last week too.

    So do you have the whole week planned? At first I was thinking an Ewok would suit your style pretty well. Then I remembered that Ewoks are kinda lame, so I’m thinking you should do Chewie, as he’s undeniably awesome.

  4. kevbrett Says:

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks to you three for entering!
    Today’s winner – picked at random is…

    Kevin Lloyd – Congrats! A biker scout pic will be speeding (sorry couldn’t resist) it’s way to you later this week!

    Commiserations to those who didn’t win, but please feel free to enter again tomorrow!

  5. Lucy Nixon Says:

    Just giving it another go for a chance of winning Darth Vadar. Maybe this will be my year of starting a collection?
    Can you also do a competition for the England players please?? They are brill!

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