1 a day Star Wars caricatures Day 3 #Win

Day 3 – Stormtrooper

If you’d like to own this stormtrooper card, all you need to do is comment below and I’ll randomly select the winner at the end of the day (22:30 GMT-note the earlier time. Get too tired by 23:00). You can only win 1 piece during the week.

Drawn on lightweight card 3″x4″. Drawn with graphite pencil and coloured pencils. Inked with Unipin.

Thanks and good luck


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7 Responses to “1 a day Star Wars caricatures Day 3 #Win”

  1. Julie Henderson Says:

    These are fantastic – may the force be with you 🙂

  2. Tinyian Says:

    How cool – and a comp i could win on my birthday – thank you for the chance to win

  3. KellyM Says:

    May the force be with me!

    (I’ll get my coat)

  4. jennie kerley Says:

    Do not like it my self but I know someone who would so am entering for them

  5. phyllis ellett Says:

    Sorry to say this on day 3 but the quality has not changed, still brilliant, well done for the 3rd time

  6. Carey sheffield Says:

    Do or do not there is no try!

    Love them love star wars..

  7. kevbrett Says:

    …AND today’s winner is…


    Commiserations to those who missed out today. PLEASE enter again tomorrow for another chance to get your mitts on a card.

    Thanks for all your interest and hope to see you tomorrow. Good luck!


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