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Illustration Friday – Atmosphere – Boba Fett

August 22, 2010

I’m not sure if I’m breaking rules here so forgive me if I am, but this week’s topic theme is “Atmosphere” and I just finished drawing this Boba Fett card (measuring 4″x3″)

Done with graphite pencil and coloured pencils.

Available here!


Captain Rex – Clone Wars

August 8, 2010

Been wanting to upload this for sooooo long.  Did this as a gift to my 5yo nephew, who’s a giant Star Wars fan.  We got it printed locally and it turned out pretty cool! Very pleased…

Hard As Snails

August 6, 2010

Thought I’d do a follow up to my pic “Clan o’ Worms” with this little fella, hope you like it:

Star Wars sketch – Luke Skywalker

August 4, 2010

Can’t stop drawing these Star Wars sketch cards.  Going to do a couple more this week I think. If you’d like to buy them (only £3 inc postage) just let me know below.

Luke SKywalker

(sorry bit out of focus)

Drawn with coloured pencil and graphite pencil on lightweight card 4″x3″.

More to come!!

Swimming Lessons – #Penguins

August 2, 2010

Had so much fun doing the cards for the Star Wars week that I had to do more. Here’s a fun little idea I had:

Drawn on lightweight card 3″x4″. Drawn with graphite pencil and coloured pencils. Inked with Unipin. Available to buy for just £3 here

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