Inspirations for a webcomic…

No Art from me today, but I wanted to share something with you.

As I contemplate and finalise my new webcomic I thought I’d let you in on the comics that inspire me and have helped me make the decision to do a comic. Of course the world famous ones of Peanuts and Garfield are a given but I wanted to share some maybe, lesser known comics with you.

There are a TON of strips out there and this is by no means an extensive list and in no particular order!

Click on the strip to go find out more!!!!

1. First up is Pokeweed. An awesome strip by an awesome twitter friend Drew Pocza. Pokeweed is a small town and follows Phil, the lovable kid with the big head, his grouchy Snowman Buster, Clint the flambouyant dog and Chuck the “ex-monster”:

2. Imagine This. Follows the loveable, grouchy teddy bear Clovis and friends. Not sure how I found this, in fact let’s just assume that ALL the strips were through twitter!

3. Capes N Babes. Great strip about Marc who runs a comic shop and his friend Roy a wannabe comic artist (and he’s a werewolf!!). Hilarious stuff.

4. Dog Eat Doug. I only recently discovered this one but already loving it!

and lastly for today (yes that’s right, I’ll post more tomorrow!!!!):

5. The Barn. Again this is a new one to me, but already it’s awesome!

So again, I just wanted to share some of my inspiration for the new webcomic I’ll be doing and hope that even the tiniest bit of creativity and humour has managed to rub off…

If you have a webcomic or know of any please post the link in the comments!!

More tomorrow and keep ’em peeled for the new webcomic by yours truly!



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2 Responses to “Inspirations for a webcomic…”

  1. Drew Says:

    Thanks so much for the plug. And I love seeing others that get your creative juices going man. I am flattered to be among them!

  2. Josh Says:

    Good list! Looking forward to your comic!

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