Inspiration for a Webcomic: Prt 2

Thought I’d continue with some of the webcomics that have inspired me and who I try to emulate.

Today is a list of webcomics that I love, but unfortunately have recently come to an end for whatever reason. Check them out and look at the back catalogue of strips. (In no particular order)

1. Heropotamus. This is a tale of a girl and her Heropotamus – simple…but awesome. Heard great news yesterday that the artist Josh Alves may kick this off again!


2. Mal and Chad. When I discovered this little strip I had to go to the very first strip and just couldn’t stop reading. Read the whole lot in 2 sittings! Awesome thing is, that in the new year Mal and Chad, a new story, will be out in book form!!!


3. Max vs Max. This strip follows one man on his struggle with his Christian faith and how his life fits in with it. Awesome stuff and doesn’t preach at you as you follow this one man’s journey.


4. Escape from Planet Nowhere. An awesome full on webcomic by the awesome Otis Frampton. Not really sure where this comic is or if/when it’ll start up again but it’s a beautiful awesome comic. Hope he’ll return to it soon. (can I say awesome any more?!?!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed these insights…and if not…tough. Last one tomorrow. I’ll be posting some of the full on webcomics (the technical name for them) that inspire, in the same vein as EFPN (above).

If I’ve missed any that you think I and others should be reading, or if you have a strip of your own, please post in the comments.

Happy reading.


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2 Responses to “Inspiration for a Webcomic: Prt 2”

  1. Josh Says:

    Thanks Kev!!! I’m so glad you dig the superhero hippo!

    Hoping to get the mini-comic done in time for Christmas (as it’s pretty relevant 😉 ) we’ll see – I battle against the same foe that put Hero on hiatus… time.

    Personal work gets sacrificed for work that pays the bills 😉

  2. Stephen McCranie Says:

    Thanks for the write up Kev! I appreciate it! I like a lot of the comics you read as well…

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