Inspiration for a Webcomic Prt 3

Today is the last in the webcomic inspiration series, hope you’ve had a good look at those from previous posts – they’re awesome!

Wanted to finish on the full page webcomics that inspire me. They are much like Escape from Planet Nowhere in yesterday’s post and come in the standard comic book page that we see in the shops.

So here you go, in no particular order:

1. Cleopatra in Spaaaace. An amazing comic, with awesome artwork that combines the style and feel of Egyptian history, with good old fashioned (futuristic) sci-fi!

2. Red’s Planet. Again another sci-fi webcomic that is beautifully drawn and coloured following Red a little orphan girl and her exploits.


3. My Sister the Freak. The great Dani Jones’s great webcomic. Again a beautifully crafted comic that personally I feel is awesome in it’s unconventional comic art style.


4. Jackie Rose. Follow the exploits of Jackie Rose – a butt kicking nazi zombie killer, in the vein of Indiana Jones!! Nuff said…


5. Moon Town. This one should probably have been in yesterday’s post, but because of the style and full colour I always feel it’s a full page comic.  Set on the moon, follow Simon in his mining exploits with aliens and action a plenty!


6. Frank Rain. Again another comic, I wasn’t sure which day to include it in. A noir comic following PI Frank Rain. Stylish black and white by great twitter friend Eric Merced, which unfortunately I think he has taken down (hound him to see more!!).


Again these are just a small select few and there are LOADS of great webcomics out there. Hunt them down and report back, I’d LOVE to see them!

Thanks again for looking and I hope you’re inspired as much as I am when reading these!


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