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Parcel Full of Goodies

June 21, 2011

Received a parcel through the post this morning that I was kinda expecting…to a point.

My wife bought me a t-shirt from here and due to postal issues it was slightly delayed…the wait was TOTALLY worth it!!

The envelope was just the start of things to come:

The T-shirt I (and when I say “I” I obviously mean the missus) ordered is AWESOME!! Great quality shirt and the print just looks (to overuse the word) awesome.

But that wasn’t all! Look what else fell out that envelope of wonders!!

Anyone who follows this blog regularly will know how much I love Pokeweed so to have ALL of this in one envelope was like Christmas!!!!!

BUT that wasn’t all, oh no!!! AND THIS JUST MADE MY YEAR!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Drew Pocza – MY HERO!!


Sketch Card Madness!

June 19, 2011

Thanks to everyone who keeps looking at my stuff, it’s ALWAYS appreciated!

Just thought I’d let you all know I’m currently selling a load of stuff.
First off I listed these skechcards on ebay, take a look here

I also have a few other bits and bobs in my Etsy store here

I’ve decided to also open commission requests. First time I’ve done this so be gentle…

Offering Full colour sketch card as per most of my stuff of your choosing (no nudity and I reserve the right to decline a commission :) )
£10 via paypal (shipping inc). Message me if you’re interested on kev_brett (at)



Influences Part 04 – DaniJones

June 3, 2011

Influences Part 04 – Dani Jones

Dani Jones it has to be said is one of the most inspiring people I know (via the internet)! She makes me want to go and draw and create stuff!!

When I first started getting back into art, somehow I stumbled across Dani and found she was doing a show on Ustream where she’d paint and you could watch and ask questions and talk to her and others in “the room”. I learned so much!! She then set up The Artcast Network, to find other artists who stream live. I found so many more awesome artists because of it!

Being a versatile artist she delved into the world of comics and produced My Sister the Freak. Is there any limit to her abilities??

Take a look at some of her work:

Not only does she plug her own work but she is someone who goes all out to help other artists and so she set up The Illustrated Section. THIS IS AMAZING!! It’s a website where other artists can upload comics or books they’ve produced for people to buy or download for FREE. GO AND HAVE A LOOK IT’S AWESOME!!

I have a lot to thank Dani Jones for and so…THANK YOU!!!

I have to say this week has been fun to share my influences with you and there are so many other awesome people I owe a lot to and so an honourable mention to:

Drew Pocza – Creator of Pokeweed
Josh Alves – Creator of Heropotamus
Mike Haihack – Creator of Cleopatra in Spaaaace!
Katie Cook – Creator of Gronk
Dennis Jones – Also check out his blog

Influences Part 03 – Eric Merced

June 2, 2011

Part 03 – Eric Merced.

This is a guy who’s work is sooo varied he always keeps you guessing. He can do comic book work/illustration/chibi (cartoon big headed characters)/cartoon.

What makes Eric such a great person to follow is that he’s always open with what he draws, how he draws and all his learning stages. He’s constantly throwing up something to help teach you but also helps him! It’s awesome to see someone with such drive and passion and so good at what he does, being so humble and willing to help.

A good friend of mine on Twitter he’s always willing to help me with my art (although his taste in films is questionable!!).

Check out his awesome work and variety of styles:

Go pick up his FREE comic Spaced Thing and while you’re there pick up his other books

An awesome artist and great friend – Eric Merced 

*The creator of webcomics Frank Rain/Dog Saint/Spaced Thing/Ouch! (go bug him to delve into them again 😉 )

Influences Part 02 – Skottie Young

June 1, 2011

Influence Part 02 – Skottie Young

An artist for Marvel, Skottie Young’s artwork is absolutely stunning. The way he inks really does make me want to delve more into that side of things and the way he uses shapes just gets me excited!

Take a look at these bad boys:

He recently did a book called The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer – Awesome!! And I’d love one day to own his collection of sketches, Junk One

Skottie is also the man behind art for the comic series Ozma of Oz go check it out.

And finally he’s recently teamed up with artist Scott Morse to do warm up sketches based on a theme or film and these are incredible sketches, keep an eye out

Part 3 tomorrow…

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