Influences Part 03 – Eric Merced

Part 03 – Eric Merced.

This is a guy who’s work is sooo varied he always keeps you guessing. He can do comic book work/illustration/chibi (cartoon big headed characters)/cartoon.

What makes Eric such a great person to follow is that he’s always open with what he draws, how he draws and all his learning stages. He’s constantly throwing up something to help teach you but also helps him! It’s awesome to see someone with such drive and passion and so good at what he does, being so humble and willing to help.

A good friend of mine on Twitter he’s always willing to help me with my art (although his taste in films is questionable!!).

Check out his awesome work and variety of styles:

Go pick up his FREE comic Spaced Thing and while you’re there pick up his other books

An awesome artist and great friend – Eric Merced 

*The creator of webcomics Frank Rain/Dog Saint/Spaced Thing/Ouch! (go bug him to delve into them again 😉 )


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