Influences Part 04 – DaniJones

Influences Part 04 – Dani Jones

Dani Jones it has to be said is one of the most inspiring people I know (via the internet)! She makes me want to go and draw and create stuff!!

When I first started getting back into art, somehow I stumbled across Dani and found she was doing a show on Ustream where she’d paint and you could watch and ask questions and talk to her and others in “the room”. I learned so much!! She then set up The Artcast Network, to find other artists who stream live. I found so many more awesome artists because of it!

Being a versatile artist she delved into the world of comics and produced My Sister the Freak. Is there any limit to her abilities??

Take a look at some of her work:

Not only does she plug her own work but she is someone who goes all out to help other artists and so she set up The Illustrated Section. THIS IS AMAZING!! It’s a website where other artists can upload comics or books they’ve produced for people to buy or download for FREE. GO AND HAVE A LOOK IT’S AWESOME!!

I have a lot to thank Dani Jones for and so…THANK YOU!!!

I have to say this week has been fun to share my influences with you and there are so many other awesome people I owe a lot to and so an honourable mention to:

Drew Pocza – Creator of Pokeweed
Josh Alves – Creator of Heropotamus
Mike Haihack – Creator of Cleopatra in Spaaaace!
Katie Cook – Creator of Gronk
Dennis Jones – Also check out his blog


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