Threadless T-Shirt entry

I’ve recently uploaded my very first T-Shirt design to the awesome Threadless site.

I love the series Band of Brothers and thought what an awesome shirt it would make, especially with that twist…

So here’s my design, and what do I need from you? Well, I really need votes, because for it to get printed I need a HUGE vote rating/numbers and IF it does get chosen I also receive prize money!!! So please, help me. All you need to do is register for an account on their site and then click the number you think the shirt deserves (once it has registered your vote, you’ll be taken to another shirt to vote on…).

IF my shirt does get chosen to be printed I’ll be giving away 3 A5 marker commissions, so please vote and keep ’em peeled, I’ll let you know (click the image)


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  1. The Monkey and the Mouse - 97 New House Says:

    […] also posted a while back a picture of my t-shirt design Band of Brothers. I’m considering getting some made and seeing whether there’s any interest. Anyone […]

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