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Toy Story #sketchcards

November 20, 2011

Just thought I’d share with you a couple more sketchcards I finished recently for a fund raising event, so I hope they help…


I also received an AWESOME sketchcard from Joe Hogan. I entered one of his personal Star Wars competitions that he runs on deviantart with my Stormtrooper sketchcard:

And this is what I won from him:

I love Joe’s stuff, go check out his blog and take a look at his DeviantArt account, it’s well worth it!


Threadless Walking Carpet

November 10, 2011

Wanted to share with you my second Threadless T-Shirt design submission. Based on, surprisingly, Star Wars:

Please please please go and vote, I’d really appreciate it. I’d also LOVE it if you could tick the “as a tee” button, comment and share on Twitter, facebook, Google+…Thank you!!!

Star Wars Sketchcards

November 8, 2011

Finished a new set of Star Wars sketchcards. Really loving them so keep an eye out for more!!

All cards are now available in my Etsy store, get them quick before they’re gone!

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