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Chalk and Cheese

June 30, 2012

I follow a few very cool, very funny webcomics and just do my bit by RTing on Twitter/liking on FB etc.

Well out of the blue I suddenly got a tweet from a comic called “Chalk and Cheese” , which follows a young innocent Mouse (Cheese) and his dog friend (Chalk), asking for my address…Hmm???

Then the next day I received these AWESOME cards in the post:

With my very own note:

These cards are awesome, a select few of the great strips from the comic:
Go check out the comic here, it’s AWESOME!!!!
In other news I’ve set up a Facebook page for all my art, including works in progress, money off on products etc, so please go like!!

What’s new?!

June 26, 2012

Been busy with a few bits and bobs, so here we go:

1st up, a new Tee design – Clan O’ Worms (available on Red Bubble):

And a couple of marker pieces (Available in my Etsy store):

Batman A4

Captain America A4:

Busy Busy – Imperial

June 14, 2012

Feels like it’s been ages since my last post, been fairly busy with stuff!

First up is my latest tee design: Imperial


Also finished a mug design for a friend for father’s day:

As well as my usual The Monkey and the Mouse webcomic, which is still going strong (ish), and I’m now doing TMTM mugs!!

I’m also currently helping out a friend with his graphic novel, doing a few pages of colour flatting: Michael Regina’s Adamsville

Psalms 22

June 3, 2012

Another tee design – Psalms 22 telling of the fore coming of Jesus Christ

Available over on Red Bubble

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