Geek Shirts HQ

Greetings all.

Today I am sharing some thoughts about my new t-shirt from Geek Shirts HQ – The name of it is ‘Geek Porn’ and as you can see that is exactly what it is!



What can I say?! This shirt is awesome. The quality of the shirt itself is great, a real nice thick quality with screen printed design – a truly professional shirt. The funny image does and says all it needs to.

There is a very nice added touch of the personalised Geek Shirt logo printed in the shirt where the tag would be, it has all the information needed (including the address to order more shirts)!


As well as the top quality shirt, Geek Shirts HQ also sells badges and stickers, I am lucky enough to own some of these too and they are awesome (and have to say the badge design would also look awesome as a t-shirt!!!). The print on both of these is top quality and the badges are going to be a permanent feature on my bag!

IMG_3698 IMG_3699

On the back of the very cool flier is a discount code for 20% off my next purchase from Geek Shirts HQ that’ll stay hidden from you lot!!!

All in all this is a quality shirt from a quality site and brand dedicated to folk just like me! Do go visit the store and pick up something for yourself!!



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