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2010 Year in Review

January 6, 2011

Thought I’d throw up a brief overview of the year. It’s been fun and looking back I realise I managed to get quite a bit done!

Images used:

Jan: A Monday Artday piece – Invisible

Feb: Illustration Friday – Propagate

Mar: Monday Artday – Monkey

Apr: Clan o’ Worms

May: Illustration Friday – Fearless

Jun: 1 of my Chuck series

Jul: 1 of my Star Wars sketch cards

Aug: Rex – a gift for my nephew

Sep: Solo’s Fate (still available to buy if you want it – offers accepted 🙂 )

Oct: Noah’s Pad – done for Piddley Pix

Nov: Little Short – 1 of my fun Star Wars pieces

Dec: The launch of The Monkey and the Mouse webcomic

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and as ever thanks for the comments. They’ve helped me develop and for me to grow and improve as an artist. Here’s to a successful 2011 and keep ’em peeled for more work, giveaways etc.


At the Waterhole

May 5, 2010

My entry for Monday Artday – Favourite Food.  Very loosely based on the theme…

Done in photoshop.

Like the hippos, but think I got impatient and rushed the water and the reeds…

Monday Artday – Lil Monkey

March 25, 2010

Here’s my entry for Monday Artday, themed “Monkey”.

This is my 2yo – “Lil Monkey”!

I’ve uploaded the process as well, hope it’s of interest.  Still toying with whether to do full colour for the back ground.  Any thoughts?

Stage 01 – Pencil Sketch

Stage 02 – Figure outline and flats done in Photoshop

Stage 03 – Shading

Final Finished piece – with added texture/colour on BG:

Hope you enjoy.  For more on Monday Artday click here.

Monday Artday – Caricature

February 25, 2010

Did these two fellas…Hang on they’re me! Trying to get to grips with caricaturing and so please forgive me if they don’t look like the same guy or if they look like me (although who would know…?)

Monday Artday – Caricature

Monday Art Day – Theme “Train”

February 18, 2010

Very loosely based on the theme “Train” for this week’s Monday Art Day sketch.

There’s only one way to play at the top level – Train! Sounds cheesy sorry ’bout that!

Did this sketch of football (or soccer) players and thought it could work with this theme.

All done with pencil – HB/2B/6B. Comments/critiques welcome.

Monday Art Day – Invisible

January 25, 2010

Just did a quick sketch for the Monday Art Day entry themed “Invisible.”

Done with pencil and ink.

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