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Nerd Fest Comic Con 2013

July 3, 2013

Greetings all. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but believe me when I say I have been busy!

I have a couple of sketch cards I’ve not posted BUT I’ve been spending most of my time on two projects.

159-the-plankFirst is my comic strip, The Monkey and the Mouse. I’m working on a 40ish page comic book which follows the two kiddies looking for cheese and venturing to…the Moon! (original I know!) About 6 pages inked so slowly getting on with it. (plus there will be the odd strip done – including tomorrow 4th July).


Most of my time, however, has been taken up with Nerd Fest Comic Con 2013, Nottingham UK, October 5th. We have some amazing artists booked in as well as local bands and so of the industry’s leading comic book artists! Tickets are now on sale if you fancy coming down for the activities, and if you’re a comic creator or artists tables are still available!

Gonna be awesome.

Will try to bring you more artwork as I do it. Hope to get things done for NF so will post when I have.


Eric Merced and Baby Signing Mummy

August 11, 2011

Been working recently with Baby Signing Mummy (see previous posts) and just happened to mention the Eric Merced illustration sale… and that is was “nearly” my birthday (31st Dec).

Look what arrived in the post!!!

Thank you so much BSM!!!

And go see what else Eric has on sale.

Influences Part 01 – Otis Frampton

May 31, 2011

Thought I’d post some of the influences that have helped me in one way or another with my art. There’ll be a couple more after this one and there are too many to do an in depth focus, but I’ll try to get some mentions in when I can.

First off is an awesome artist who when I first started taking art seriously influenced me hugely and I eventually was fortunate enough to own a piece of his work:

Otis Frampton

His work is awesome. I love the way he draws people and especially because of his love for Star Wars!

He tends to work either with markers or digitally. His colouring, especially digitally, really is awesome. But enough of my rambling, take a look at these:

If you like these go to Otis’s website and have a look around, there’s a ton of awesome artwork!

I’ll post another influence tomorrow.

Received a gift

October 30, 2010

I recently started following a great artist on twitter – Kevin Anderson ( @kanderson137 )

He can really paint faces, especially women (something I struggle with!). I commented on one of his pieces on his deviant art page and to my surprise he said I could have it!!!!!!! Totally shocked but highly appreciative, I received the sketchcard earlier this week, and here she is:

As ever the scan doesn’t do it justice (although it’s pretty awesome anyway! here’s more info) and I have to say the actual card is absolutely amazing. I love it! So a HUUUUUUGE thanks to a someone I can genuinely call a good friend (not just because he sent me this), Mr Anderson, I love it (her)!

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