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Eric Merced and Baby Signing Mummy

August 11, 2011

Been working recently with Baby Signing Mummy (see previous posts) and just happened to mention the Eric Merced illustration sale… and that is was “nearly” my birthday (31st Dec).

Look what arrived in the post!!!

Thank you so much BSM!!!

And go see what else Eric has on sale.


Influences Part 03 – Eric Merced

June 2, 2011

Part 03 – Eric Merced.

This is a guy who’s work is sooo varied he always keeps you guessing. He can do comic book work/illustration/chibi (cartoon big headed characters)/cartoon.

What makes Eric such a great person to follow is that he’s always open with what he draws, how he draws and all his learning stages. He’s constantly throwing up something to help teach you but also helps him! It’s awesome to see someone with such drive and passion and so good at what he does, being so humble and willing to help.

A good friend of mine on Twitter he’s always willing to help me with my art (although his taste in films is questionable!!).

Check out his awesome work and variety of styles:

Go pick up his FREE comic Spaced Thing and while you’re there pick up his other books

An awesome artist and great friend – Eric Merced 

*The creator of webcomics Frank Rain/Dog Saint/Spaced Thing/Ouch! (go bug him to delve into them again 😉 )

The Thing

January 9, 2011

Those who saw my previous post and saw some of my scribbles may have noticed The Thing from the Fantastic 4 in there. Well, I thought I’d take it a bit further than just a sketch and decided to import into Manga Studio and give it a little bit extra.


Thanks to Eric Merced for some pointers with this.

Inspiration for a Webcomic Prt 3

December 10, 2010

Today is the last in the webcomic inspiration series, hope you’ve had a good look at those from previous posts – they’re awesome!

Wanted to finish on the full page webcomics that inspire me. They are much like Escape from Planet Nowhere in yesterday’s post and come in the standard comic book page that we see in the shops.

So here you go, in no particular order:

1. Cleopatra in Spaaaace. An amazing comic, with awesome artwork that combines the style and feel of Egyptian history, with good old fashioned (futuristic) sci-fi!

2. Red’s Planet. Again another sci-fi webcomic that is beautifully drawn and coloured following Red a little orphan girl and her exploits.


3. My Sister the Freak. The great Dani Jones’s great webcomic. Again a beautifully crafted comic that personally I feel is awesome in it’s unconventional comic art style.


4. Jackie Rose. Follow the exploits of Jackie Rose – a butt kicking nazi zombie killer, in the vein of Indiana Jones!! Nuff said…


5. Moon Town. This one should probably have been in yesterday’s post, but because of the style and full colour I always feel it’s a full page comic.  Set on the moon, follow Simon in his mining exploits with aliens and action a plenty!


6. Frank Rain. Again another comic, I wasn’t sure which day to include it in. A noir comic following PI Frank Rain. Stylish black and white by great twitter friend Eric Merced, which unfortunately I think he has taken down (hound him to see more!!).


Again these are just a small select few and there are LOADS of great webcomics out there. Hunt them down and report back, I’d LOVE to see them!

Thanks again for looking and I hope you’re inspired as much as I am when reading these!

more sketchbook scribbles

October 31, 2010

Ballpoint pen fun!

Just want to say a huge thanks to 2 very awesome friends and amazing artists for picking me up when I hit the wall: Eric Merced and Drew Pocza. Thanks guys, really appreciate it!!!! (AND a HUGE thanks to my amazing wife for putting up with my sulking)

New 1 a day Star Wars Caricatures #Win

July 26, 2010

I’m starting a new 1 a day illustration for this week. Star Wars head caricatures.

It was suggested I have a crack at Star Wars by Mr Drew Pocza a while back and it sparked something, but it wasn’t until I saw Eric Merced’s Chibi Star Wars pics that I was inspired and ready to go, so thanks guys!

I decided to draw each on lightweight card 3″x4″. Drawn with graphite pencil and coloured pencils. Inked with Unipin.

I’ve also decided to give them away each day. “How do I get my mitts on these bad boys?” I hear you asking. All you need to do is comment below and I’ll randomly select the winner at the end of the day (23:00 GMT). You can only win 1 piece during the week.

Day 1 – Biker Scout

Hope you like and good luck


Where’s Frank Rain?

May 22, 2010

I’m missing the webcomic Frank Rain, by Eric Merced so thought I’d throw this little puppy together.  It was loads of fun and hope it’s done Eric’s work a little bit of justice…

Loads of fun to do. Done in Photoshop.

Another Post – Eric Merced Book

May 19, 2010

Greetings and apologies for yet another post in like 3 days…but trust me it’s worth it!

The great ERIC MERCED sent me over a copy of his book Black White and it’s AWESOME!! Go check it out here and get your copy.

The personalised envelope was a great touch. Can’t stress enough how great this is with so many more illustrations in it than I expected. He’s such a talented artist and I can’t speak highly enough of him as a person either!


Sketchbook Pics

February 15, 2010

Been a busy week of sketching and painting.  Thought I’d throw up some of the sketches I’ve been doing.  A couple of pics are actually copies of pics by other artists and will highlight these. (apologies for the poor scans)

Above pic was just a doodle I started.  No idea who it is but seemed to work as a caricature piece.

This pic is a copy of Daniel from the Bible as drawn by Dennis Jones from his “See With Me Bible” – awesome illustrations in it take a look if you can!!

Again, top left image is an angel from the book of Daniel as drawn by Dennis Jones.  My character on the right didn’t quite live up to his standards – eyes weren’t quite right…

Top image is an image by Skottie Young – didn’t quite get it right, but looks ok.  My character below was one I was pleased with.

Don’t forget as well to have a look at Frank Rain by Eric Merced – Week Two

So there you have it.  More pics will be posted soon, remember all comments and critiques welcome!!

#FrankRain – Fan Art

February 8, 2010

Today’s the day (8th Feb) that the long awaited webcomic “Frank Rain” by awesome and talented illustrator Eric Merced begins.

Thought I’d do a quick sketch of Frank Rain using pen – kinda obvious but fun!

Hope you like it and if not – go take a look at the actual artwork.

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