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A Tall Congratulations

September 28, 2010

Latest picture for Piddley Pix is this 12″x8″ print of a giraffe. Was really pleased with how this came out.

This LIMITED EDITION 1 off print is available here on Kiddiebase


Another Blog Addition: Up High (digital version)

May 7, 2010

Seem to be posting every five seconds, sorry ’bout that, hope the pair of you don’t mind…

Here’s a digital version of my Up High painting I did recently. Really like how this came out – thoughts?

Wife’s Second Giraffe Pic

April 23, 2010

Second attempt at a giraffe for the wife’s birthday.  Coloured this time with pencils…

Happy Birthday to my Wife

April 19, 2010

Quick sketch for the wife’s birthday.  For some odd reason she’s a big giraffe fan…

In other giraffe related news – I actually sold my “Up High” acrylic painting last week which was a surprise and a huge morale boost…

Thanks for now – more stuff soon…

Acrylic Painting – “Up High”

January 13, 2010

Here’s a little painting I did the other day titled “Up High”.

*Apologies for the poor Quality photo…

Here’s a scan (cuts top off a bit):

Real colours are closer to scan pic, but you get the idea.

All comments welcome!

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