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2010 Year in Review

January 6, 2011

Thought I’d throw up a brief overview of the year. It’s been fun and looking back I realise I managed to get quite a bit done!

Images used:

Jan: A Monday Artday piece – Invisible

Feb: Illustration Friday – Propagate

Mar: Monday Artday – Monkey

Apr: Clan o’ Worms

May: Illustration Friday – Fearless

Jun: 1 of my Chuck series

Jul: 1 of my Star Wars sketch cards

Aug: Rex – a gift for my nephew

Sep: Solo’s Fate (still available to buy if you want it – offers accepted 🙂 )

Oct: Noah’s Pad – done for Piddley Pix

Nov: Little Short – 1 of my fun Star Wars pieces

Dec: The launch of The Monkey and the Mouse webcomic

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and as ever thanks for the comments. They’ve helped me develop and for me to grow and improve as an artist. Here’s to a successful 2011 and keep ’em peeled for more work, giveaways etc.


Illustration Friday – Atmosphere – Boba Fett

August 22, 2010

I’m not sure if I’m breaking rules here so forgive me if I am, but this week’s topic theme is “Atmosphere” and I just finished drawing this Boba Fett card (measuring 4″x3″)

Done with graphite pencil and coloured pencils.

Available here!

#Illustrationfriday – Double

July 25, 2010

It’s been a while since I did an illustration Friday entry.  This weeks topic is “Double”

I decided to use coloured pencils and a UniPin fine line pen. Drew it on card sized 102mm x 76mm (4″x3″), which was a fun challenge.

Here you go:

Available to buy here

Illustration Friday – Trail

June 8, 2010

This week’s Illustration Friday entry for the theme Trail:

“Despite his best efforts to hide, Spike was always on his trail!”

Done in Photoshop

Illustration Friday – Early

May 26, 2010

Don’t think this is the most original idea for an illustration, but here’s my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday theme: Early

The early bird etc etc…

Those are actually my wife’s slippers, and no they’re not my PJs or sleeping hat.

Realised today how bad some of my early posts are – please forgive me…but enjoy this one.



Illustration Friday – Fearless

May 11, 2010

Here’s my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday theme – Fearless

“The fearless Dragon had to look elsewhere for work in these times of financial hardship. Construction was the answer!”

Done in photoshop.

Here’s the pencil sketch:

Hope you like!

#IF – Ahead

April 25, 2010

This week’s Illustration Friday pic, titled “Ahead”.

Kinda took it slightly differently – A Head and decided on everyone’s favourite bounty hunter (not Dog!!!): Boba Fett from Star Wars

Not sure I like the background but the figure came out pretty cool…

Ilustration Friday – Linked

April 10, 2010

This week’s Illustration Friday entrant, titled – Linked:

Before we had such wonders as iphone, ipad and internet…linked by cables…

Tried to do a crayon/sketchy type style…

All done in Photoshop CS4

Grand Moff Coloured

April 1, 2010

For those that saw my pencil sketch of Grand Moff Tarkin for the Illustartion Friday theme; Expired, thought I’d let you know I decided to colour it.

Didn’t really think about it at first until Drew Pocza suggested I give him a tad more life.

Well here it is – coloured in Photoshop.  Hope you like it:

On a (massive) side note – thought I’d share the fact that I became a dad for the second time on Friday 26th March to a little girl – Eleana Lily “Ellie”.  She is amazing and my wife is my hero!

Illustration Friday – Rescue

March 30, 2010

Is it just me or is this something most of us have done??

My take on the Illustration Friday theme “Rescue”

Hope you like it – feedback?

Pencil sketch coloured in Photoshop

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