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Band of Brothers

March 1, 2012

Well I finally managed to get it done. The Band of Brothers t-shirt is now available to buy!!!

I did the design before Christmas for Threadless, but unfortunately it wasn’t chosen to be printed by them, but after 90 days I could print it myself! AND HERE IT IS!!!!

and close up on the design:


So please go get your shirt while you can! First ten also receive a FREE Band of Brothers keyring!!


Threadless Once Again

December 5, 2011

My third t-shirt design submission to Threadless. Please go and vote, I’d REALLY appreciate it! Please comment, click a number and tick the “as a tee” box. Thanks. (and if you don’t get it, go watch Tintin or read the books, they’re awesome!)

Here’s a close up of the text:

Threadless Walking Carpet

November 10, 2011

Wanted to share with you my second Threadless T-Shirt design submission. Based on, surprisingly, Star Wars:

Please please please go and vote, I’d really appreciate it. I’d also LOVE it if you could tick the “as a tee” button, comment and share on Twitter, facebook, Google+…Thank you!!!

Threadless T-Shirt entry

October 25, 2011

I’ve recently uploaded my very first T-Shirt design to the awesome Threadless site.

I love the series Band of Brothers and thought what an awesome shirt it would make, especially with that twist…

So here’s my design, and what do I need from you? Well, I really need votes, because for it to get printed I need a HUGE vote rating/numbers and IF it does get chosen I also receive prize money!!! So please, help me. All you need to do is register for an account on their site and then click the number you think the shirt deserves (once it has registered your vote, you’ll be taken to another shirt to vote on…).

IF my shirt does get chosen to be printed I’ll be giving away 3 A5 marker commissions, so please vote and keep ’em peeled, I’ll let you know (click the image)

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